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Bug Out Pest Control Services in Santa Fe, Mo

Don’t let termites and bed bugs overrun your home. Since 1975, Bug Out Pest Control provides exceptional termite and bed bug prevention and extermination services across mid-Missouri. With high-quality products and friendly service, our team has removed pesky critters from residential homes and commercial businesses. Trust the experts at Bug Out Pest Control and call today for a free evaluation!

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Bed Bug Extermination Services in Santa Fe, Mo

Bug Out’s residential pest control services will remove bed bugs from your mid-Missouri home!

Bed bugs are parasitic creatures that can be found all over your home. Not limited to beds, they find homes in couches, baseboards, carpets and other small crevices and cracks. Difficult to spot and remove, bed bugs emerge at night and enjoy hiding in warm places around your home.

For over 40 years, Bug Out Pest Control has been exterminating bed bugs in mid-Missouri. Our quick, affordable and effective consultations allow your family to be safe during the removal process. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to safely remove bed bugs from your home, our experts work to eliminate bed bugs for good! Protect your family and your home by calling us today for a free evaluation.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestations in Santa Fe, Mo

Bed bugs may seem impossible to spot but don’t fret, the experts at Bug Out can help you remove bed bugs from your home. If you are unable to spot their reddish-brown bodies, be aware of other signs around your home to tell if bed bugs are present.

    • Bed bugs leave small black stains on mattresses and cushions. If you are concerned, inspect seams of mattresses and cushions throughout your home to find small stains.


    • Bed bugs shed an outer layer of skin. Although they only appear at night, finding their skin sheddings around your mattress or cushions can mean bed bugs are present in your home.


    • Have you recently found small itchy bumps on your skin? Bed bugs bite in the middle of the night and finding bumps may mean bed bugs are near. Call an exterminator in Santa Fe, Mo for more information!

Termite Extermination Services in Santa Fe, Mo

Remove termites from your mid-Missouri home or business with Bug Out Pest Control.

Don’t let termites overrun your home or business. Known for quickly creating havoc throughout mid-Missouri, these wood devouring creatures eat away at the wood in your home or business. If you are concerned termites have taken over your home, call Bug Out Pest Control today for a free inspection and consultation!

Since 1975, our experts have been exterminating termites with high-quality products and friendly service. By using Sentricon, an environmentally friendly and effective termite control brand to remove termites, we ensure your home will be rid of pests in no time! Explore our termite extermination services in Santa Fe, Mo and call Bug Out today to exterminate pests from your mid-Missouri home or business!

Signs of Termite Infestations in Santa Fe, Mo

Termites quickly create tremendous damage to your home or business. Sadly, most insurance companies do not cover repairs due to termites. If you suspect termites are near, contact Bug Out Pest Control immediately to minimize structural damage!

    • Mud tubes are trails of mud left on exterior surfaces, such as home walls. The trails are often found near termite nests. Call an exterminator today, if you see trails of mud along the exterior of your home or business.


    • Termite wings near windows and other entry points may mean termite nests are nearby. Call Bug Out Pest Control for a free evaluation if you find termite wings near your home or business.


    • If you find your wood has become hollow, suspect termites. Known for wood damage, termites gnaw small holes into your home’s wood frames. Contact our expert exterminators for a consultation today!

Popular Pest Control Services in Santa Fe, Mo

Bug Out Pest Control knows stopping bugs before they hit your home walls is important. With our lawn maintenance and pest control services, keep unwanted guests from entering your property. Our specialized bed bug and termite prevention services can protect your mid-Missouri home or business. For all your extermination needs, call Bugs Out Pest Control in Santa Fe, Mo. Our experts will help rid your home or business of bugs for good!

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