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Are unwanted guests swarming your home? Since 1975, Bug Out Pest Control has used high-quality products to remove pesky critters from mid-Missouri homes and businesses. With exceptional termite and bed bug prevention services, you can trust our experts to keep your home safe from creepy crawlers. Call today for a free evaluation! Our expert exterminators in Rush Hill, Mo will thoroughly inspect your home and strategize a removal plan.

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Bed Bug Extermination Services in Rush Hill, Mo

Rid your mid-Missouri home of bed bugs with Bug Out’s residential pest control services.

For over 40 years, Bug Out Pest Control has been removing bed bugs from mid-Missouri homes. Pesky creatures that burrow themselves in small crevices like mattress seams and baseboards, bed bugs are difficult to spot and remove.

The experts at Bug Out ensure your family is safe during the removal process with quick, affordable and effective consultations. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to safely remove bed bugs from your home, we work to eliminate bed bugs for good! If you are concerned with bed bugs overrunning your home, call our expert exterminators in Rush Hill, Mo for a free evaluation. We ensure your home will be rid of pests in no time!

Signs of Bed Bug Infestations in Rush Hill, Mo

Bed bugs, parasitic creatures skilled at hiding in small places, emerge at night and roam throughout your home. Due to the difficulty associated with spotting them, it’s important to recognize signs around your home telling you if bed bugs are present!

    • Small black stains on mattresses, cushions and carpets can indicate bed bugs are in your home. Inspect seams of mattresses and cushions throughout your home to discover bed bugs. 


    • Although bed bugs are nocturnal, they shed a layer of their skin. If you find skin sheddings around your mattress or cushions, contact an exterminator!


    • When bed bugs bite they leave small itchy bumps on your skin. Waking up with irritating red bumps may mean bed bugs are near. Call an exterminator in Rush Hill, Mo to rid your home of bed bugs. 

Termite Extermination Services in Rush Hill, Mo

Call Bug Out today to remove termites from your mid-Missouri home.

Protect your mid-Missouri home or business from wood devouring creatures like termites with Bug Out Pest Control. Structural damage to your business or home can be costly in the future. Due to most insurance companies not covering damage from termites, it is important to protect your home or business. If you fear termites are near your home call Bug Out Pest Control today for a free inspection!

Having your home or business invaded by termites can be stressful. Don’t let your extermination needs worry you, trust the experts at Bug Out Pest Control to rid your home or business of termites in no time. After a thorough inspection, our experts will use high-quality products like Sentricon, an environmentally friendly and effective termite control brand to remove your termites. If you are concerned about termites freely chewing on your property, explore our termite extermination services in Rush Hill, Mo and call today

Signs of Termite Infestations in Rush Hill, Mo

Don’t let termites quickly damage your home or business. Contact Bug Out Pest Control immediately to minimize structural damage! Calling today for a free consultation can reduce the amount of damage done to your home.

    • As termites move throughout a home or business, mud tubes are left behind. These trails of mud on exterior surfaces indicate where termite nests are located. Contact Bug Out Pest Control if you suspect termites are near.


    • Fallen termite wings near windows and other entry points to your home may mean termites are moving around your home or business. Call an exterminator today to avoid costly damage in the future.


    • Termites gnaw on wood creating damage to the structure of your home or business. If you find your wood has become hollow, contact our expert exterminators for a free consultation today. Better safe than sorry!

Popular Pest Control Services in Rush Hill, Mo

Don’t let creepy crawlers enter your home. Stop them before they hit your walls with Bug Out Pest Control’s lawn maintenance and pest control services. We understand keeping unwanted guests from entering your property is important. Our specialized bed bug and termite prevention services can protect your mid-Missouri home or business. Call our expert exterminators in Rush Hill, Mo to help rid your home or business of termites and bed bugs for good.

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