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Bug Out Pest Control Services in Martinsburg, Mo

Don’t let pesky critters like termites and bed bugs run you out of your home. Serving the Central Missouri area since 1975, Bug Out Pest Control has exterminated countless homes and businesses near you. Offering free evaluations and proactive lawn care to prevent pests from coming near your property, you can trust our expert exterminators to rid you of any creepy crawlers. Using the highest quality products and techniques, our experts are familiar with unwanted guests finding their way onto your property. Whether you are faced with bed bugs, termites or other unwanted pests contact our team of expert exterminators in Martinsburg, Mo.

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Bed Bug & Pest Extermination Services in Martinsburg, Mo

With Bug Out’s Residential Pest Control Services You Can Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good.

Bed bugs are often difficult to remove due to their ability to hide in small cracks and crevices around your home, and can go unnoticed for extended periods of time. These parasitic creatures of the night are not limited to beds and can be found in couches, baseboards, luggage, carpets, and more!

Don’t let the pesky bed bug invade your home any longer. With over 40 years of experience, Bug Out Pest Control exterminates bed bugs from your mid-Missouri home in no time. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our licensed exterminators can protect your family during the removal process. Offering quick, affordable and effective consultations we can ensure you our team of exterminators will eliminate your pest problem and safely remove bed bugs from your home. Call us today for a free evaluation.

How to Tell if I Have Bed Bugs in Martinsburg, Mo?

Do you find yourself waking up with itchy red bumps on your skin? Difficult to spot and even more difficult to remove, bed bugs may have taken residence in your home. Contact an exterminator in Martinsburg, Mo if you find any of the following signs of bed bugs in your home. 

    • Small black and brown stains on mattresses, cushions, floorboards and other crevices where bed bugs hide.
    • Skin sheddings in the corners of mattresses, couches or in the carpet.
    • Itchy red bumps or bruises on your exposed skin.

Contact Bug Out for bed bug extermination and prevention services in Martinsburg, Mo for your pest control needs.

Termite & Pest Control Services in Martinsburg, Mo

Prevent Costly Damage With Bug Out Pest Control’s Commercial Termite Extermination in Martinsburg, Mo.

With up to a million termites making up one colony, mid-Missouri homes and businesses are bound to experience termites. Known as the silent killer, termites are able to go undetected for years, building vast colonies throughout your property. If you suspect termites, call Bug Out Pest Control today. Our free termite inspection can save you money in the future!

Our team of experts only use the best products and techniques to remove termites from your home or business. Proudly using Sentricon, an environmentally-friendly termite control brand, our professional exterminators can quickly rid you of your pest problem without burdening your family. Learn more about our commercial and residential termite extermination services in Martinsburg, Mo when you contact us.

How to Tell if I Have Termites in Martinsburg, Mo

Did you know termites cause up to $5 million in damage across the U.S. each year? With their vast colonies and 24-hour eating cycle, termites can cause costly damage to your home or business if not treated properly. If you suspect termites, contact Bug Out Pest Control immediately to minimize damage.

    • Termites use mud and saliva to travel from the soil into your home. If you find mud tubes, tracks of mud on the exterior of your home, call an exterminator today. Mud tubes can be a telltale sign of a nearby termite nest, and are often found near cracks or running down your home. 
    • During the spring, reproductive termites leave the nest and swarm to find a mate. Because their wings are temporary, they often fall off when the termites land to return to their nest. If you find wings near windows, doors and other entry points, contact Bug Out immediately. Fallen wings can mean large termite colonizations are near your home or business, and your property may be in danger of costly damage.
    • Termites are able to hollow out wood without the exterior of the wood changing. If you discover a hollow sound in the wood supporting your home or business, contact an expert exterminator. Hollow support beams and walls can be dangerous if not treated immediately.

Popular Pest Control Services in Martinsburg, Mo

Whether you are facing millions of termites or unwanted pests in your bed, the experts at Bug Out understand the frustrations that come along with pesky critters invading your home. Between work, getting the kids to school and other extracurricular activities, you don’t have the time to worry about removing bugs from your home! With Bug Out you won’t have to worry anymore. Call today for a free evaluation

Contact us to remove bed bugs or termites promptly and professionally. No matter what the pest problem may be, Bug Out offers affordable pest control services in Martinsburg, Mo. Our team of experts works hard to protect your home or business from unwanted guests. Serving mid-Missouri for over 40 years, you can trust the experts at Bug Out to solve your pest problems. Learn more today!

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