Pest Control Services in Centralia, Mo

Bug Out Pest Control Services in Centralia, Mo

Are creepy crawlers finding their way into your home or business? Worry no more, the team at Bug Out Pest Control has served the mid-Missouri area since 1975. Specializing in termite and bed bug removal, we are familiar with pesky critters overrunning homes and businesses. Offering residential and commercial extermination services in Centralia, Mo trust our experts to get the job done. Call today for a free evaluation and let’s remove those pesky termites and bed bugs!

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Bed Bug Extermination Services in Centralia, Mo

Remove bed bugs for good with Bug Out’s residential pest control services.

Pest infestations are not only annoying but also can put your family at risk. Don’t let unwanted guests such as bed bugs invade your home. Taking comfort in beds, couches, carpets and other warm places throughout your home, bed bugs often go unnoticed for extended periods of time and may be difficult to remove. 

Our licensed exterminators in Centralia, Mo have been removing bed bugs for over 40 years. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, our team will find the root of the problem and quickly eliminate bed bugs from your home. With affordable and effective consultations you won’t have to worry about bed bugs compromising the safety of your family. Call Bug Out Pest Control today for a free evaluation.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestations in Centralia, Mo

Bed bugs are parasitic creatures skilled at hiding in small places and emerging at night. Be aware of signs around your home telling you if bed bugs are present.

    • By taking shelter in seams of mattresses and cushions, bed bugs are able to stay out of sight. Check mattresses and cushions for small black stains if you are concerned about bed bugs in your home.


    • Look for skin sheddings around your mattress or baseboards to determine if bed bugs are roaming around your home. 


    • Bed bugs are known to bite in the middle of the night, leaving small red dots on your skin. Call an exterminator in Centralia, Mo if you find you or a loved one is continually waking up with small itchy bumps on their skin.

Termite Extermination Services in Centralia, Mo

Stop termites from feasting on your home or business with Bug Out Pest Control.

Termites are wood devouring creatures that put your mid-Missouri home or business at risk for structural damage. Don’t let termites cause you costly damage, call Bug Out Pest Control today for a free inspection and consultation. Insurance companies often do not cover repairs due to termites, so call today if you are concerned about termites.

Our experts thoroughly inspect and develop a plan to ensure your home or business is termite-free in no time! We understand the stress associated with bugs invading your home. Our team uses high-quality products like Sentricon, an environmentally friendly and effective termite control brand to remove termites. If you are concerned about termites freely chewing on your property, explore our termite extermination services in Centralia, Mo and call today

Signs of Termite Infestations in Centralia, Mo

Termites quickly cause damage to mid-Missouri homes and businesses. If you suspect termites are near your property contact Bug Out Pest Control Services – better safe than sorry!

    • A tell-tale sign of termites being near are mud tubes. Located on exterior surfaces, more specifically exterior walls, it is important to contact an exterminator immediately if you find mud tubes.


    • Fallen wings near windows or other entry points in your home, indicate a termite nest may be near. Call Bug Out Pest Control for a free evaluation!


    • Known for wood damage, termites will leave small holes and gnawing marks on wood they have recently visited. If you find your wood has become hollow, call an exterminator in Centralia, Mo immediately.

Popular Pest Control Services in Centralia, Mo

Unwanted guests are a nuisance, especially if they are pesky critters like bed bugs or termites. Don’t let your home or business be overrun, call the experts at Bug Out! Offering lawn maintenance and pest control services, we are able to exterminate pests before they hit your walls. Our specialized bed bug and termite prevention services can protect your home or business. Serving the mid-Missouri area, call Bugs Out Pest Control for your extermination needs!

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